Real Estate CRM

Pre-Sales, Sales and CRM Solution for Real Estate Companies

  • Improves Sales Team Productivity
  • Sell more by ensuring follow-ups
  • Save time with Opportunity qualification
  • Increase sales with Manager notifications
  • Improve sales by complete customer tracking

 Benefits of Re-sell

  • Improve branding in customer communication
  • Improve customer's experience by automation
  • Ensure collections with automatic reports
  • Improve collections with automatic reminders
  • Reduce IT costs by moving to Cloud
  • Limit Capital investment
  • Access world class availability and security

 Features of Re-sell

  • Mobile APP for use on-the-go
  • CTI Integration for in-bound and out-bound calling
  • Management and Executive MIS
  • Click-and-create reports with easy User Interface
  • Built on Platform with world class security
  • 24/7 system availability with 99.9 % uptime !
  • Sales team knowledge sharing with Chatter
  • Modular Rate definition including Special Rates
  • Lead to Opportunity
  • Booking to Possession
  • Milestone based or Installment payment plans
  • Branding using Communication templates
  • Customer care functionality
  • Campaign management ROI - Costs vs Results
  • Prospect detail & Activity capture
  • Tracks Sales cycle through all stages
  • Track forecasts realistically
  • Channel Partner/Broker Management
  • Realtime Opportunity numbers
  • Realtime data on Bookings & Payments